Bruno Marani, born in 1939, has breathed flour from the first steps in the world of work. In fact it was a miller since 1954 at a mill soft wheat and for ten years has continued this activity.

In 1963 further fundamental step in his life. Was called by Buhler become part of Italian team that was following closely all milling plants of the Italian territory.

In 1974 the “great leap” entrepreneurial: Marani Bruno decides to start his own business and founded in Sissa (PR), the center of the road to reach the mills, the Marani S.r.l..

The Marani experience is 360° from the mills soft wheat to those of durum wheat; by small stone lifts, of which today is certainly an expert of international renown, to big mills where knowledge in many fields of application is needed.

In over 40 years of activity the company has grown and has assumed an increasingly international structure, reaching 2 million of turnover.

It operates worldwide with a focus on North African countries Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, because it is known that they are evolving in this sector, but occasionally there is no shortage of occasions operations in Argentina, Chile, Pakistan, and others countries around the world.

In the long term activities of Marani she has had the occasion to operate in practically all Italians milling plants important, making the purchase of machineries then overhauled reconditioned from his repair shop, which he later commercialized them on world markets.

Today Bruno takes care with his sons Donatella and Gianluca of the company, giving an assistance service for both small plants both to complex systems that are part of a group.

His specialization is “across the board in all fields”.

In fact both machinery overhauls of mills soft wheat, both mills hard wheat and nevertheless succeeds also to give assistance to laboratories, to storage facilities or stone mills that nowadays it is increasingly growing and less and less it is possible find technicians of this sector.

The presence in the company of the new generation ensures continuity to a very difficult job of which only the experience of many years allows you to be in the forefront.